I just filled my newly purchased above ground pool and the seam is defective, slowly leaking water. I put a patch on to keep my yard from becoming a big muddy mess and it is not going to hold because the seam is not a smooth surface and it is hard to get good smooth adhesion.

In spite of pictures, pictures that include the name and model # as well as the defective seam (located just to the left of the model #, this company won't warranty the DEFECTIVE liner unless I CUT OUT THE MODEL NUMBER and hold it up next to the defective seam, take a picture, and send it to them (this will flood my yard with 1,000 gallons of chlorine treated water. They product info states they warranty their products for manufacturer defects for 90 days, but they don't state this step I mention above in their warranty information. I wouldn't have purchased a vinyl pool had I know this would be a big mess to deal with. The proof of the defect is indisputable: I just received the product on 6/9 late afternoon, I began installing it up on 6/10 all by myself so it took me a good day to set it up and I started filling it with water that evening.

On 6/11 I saw the slow leak and I immediately contacted their distributor. A seam leak is so obvious it is a defect and not a tear caused by the consumer's misuse. Don't buy a POLYGROUP pool without first knowing in detail what their warrant covers and what hoops you have to jump through to get what you paid for and not a piece of junk made in China.

Obviously there are no quality controls in place.

Monetary Loss: $193.

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I just experienced the same thing. Slow pool leak at the seam.

Provided photos as soon as pool was assembled and filled. Was told the replacement liner will ship once they receive the liner cut out photo. My yard is already swamped from two recent monsoons so I didn't plan on draining the defective pool until the ground dried up a bit. Moreover, if I waited for them to ship a new liner, my kids would be without a pool during these last few weeks of summer break...in Phoenix.

Consequently, I figured it'd be best to use the defective pool liner until the seams finally split (and the ground had dried up) and use the replacement liner next year.I understand they're trying to prevent fraudulent claims. However, I think a video and photos of the leaking pool should suffice for proof of defect.


We extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience faced by you and your family. The reason we ask for a cut out of the liner considered defective, is because we prefer that the consumer not use the liner until the replacement liner has been delivered, for safety purposes.

Having a digital photograph of the liner makes it easier for the consumer to send in their information. This is not only easier for the consumer but a faster process.

We want to make sure that every consumer is taken care of.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at support@polygroup.com


We had the EXACT same problem. We had it for less than 48 hrs when we noticed the leak.

Same problem in the seam. Same response from customer service.

Terrible, terrible quality!!! Would never buy again!!

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