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I purchased a $200 pre-lit Christmas Tree and the lights did not stay lit for one season! I called Polygroup in hopes that they would honor their warranty.

This was last week and as I sit here typing I am looking at new round of lights that went out on the lower portion AND the very top of the tree=( Seriously disappointing!!! The advertising for the tree I purchased on the website of Hobby Lobby, where I purchased the tree states, "Smartlights technology ensures that your tree stays lit, even if one bulb burns out. Spend your time decorating, not tracking down one burnt out bulb!". I mentioned this advertising to both a Hobby Lobby manager and a Polygroup warranty department rep.

and I was completely dismissed.

The Polygroup warranty department representative that I spoke with actually defended the advertising by saying, "well, the technology is not perfected", and then told me that I needed to replace EVERY bulb on my tree where the lights are not working in order to remedy this situation, or OPTION B, is to have them send me a string of lights.

PLEASE learn from my mistake and do not purchase a Christmas Tree that is manufactured by Polygroup.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have the same problem on not one but 2 of those trees

Edison, New Jersey, United States #1310283

I have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Conway, Arkansas, United States #1235954

I've waited 23 months, (and counting) for Polygroup to send me parts to repair THEIR defective tree...23 MONTHS OR 2 CHRISTMAS SEASONS.Amazing.nukuzmf


Have the same problem , bought tree worked one year , now don't work this year

Fairbury, Illinois, United States #911981

We purchased the 9 foot, 1200 lighted prelit tree. Same thing here, all lights went out under warranty.

I didn't keep my receipt, and they won't honor credit card as proof of purchase. All information they need is on my original box. They did send me new strands of lights as a one time courtesy. The lights are a joke.

Each set of lights are not in a strand, but in two big circles hooked together with plug/outlet coming from the middle. My husband can fix anything, but after messing with this for a couple hours he threw his hands up. I am so frustrated and angry.

Our tree may not have lights this year. Don't buy anything that is prelit from them!

Quincy, Illinois, United States #910894

Sounds like my problem; however, I did find that my string of lights is out beginning at a gray-based bulb, which apparently is a master bulb. I wasn't sent any replacement gray-based bulb, so I contacted Polygroup, and they are sending me those replacement bulbs.

If those bulbs go out, the rest of the string of lights goes out.

Don't waste your time changing the green-based ones if you have one like mine. You will need to change the gray-based bulb at the beginning of where they are out.

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