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Update by user Dec 14, 2018

Still have not received or heard anything from this company. I have filed complaints with the BBB & At Home regarding Polygroup products and warranty issues.

We completely removed lights and redone both trees with new lights we purchased. The teees are now working & beautiful after we spent nearly $200 more for new lights.

Original review posted by user Nov 14, 2018

Two words- CUSTOMER SERVICE! Had to get on my sons Facebook to warn everyone. However we bought 2 Xmas trees in March 2018 to replace old trees (not prelit) for the upcoming Xmas December 2018. I purchased a 12ft prelit & 9ft prelit. So needless to say I was excited to unbox & get them up with hopes of saving time on my decorating this year, well WRONG! I Unboxed them yesterday for the first time and after 8 frustrating hours trying to make them light (alone and with Polygroups customer service, POLYGROUP is whom tree warranty is through btw) we were told they would have to send all new lights and we would have to remove all the old ones and restring new ones..... really $700 dollars worth of trees and no option to exchange for new ones or for the company to have us send these back and replace them.. and on top of that their lights are on backorder and may NOT be received by Xmas beyond reduculous! So they advised us to reach out to At Home to see if they would do an even exchange. So I called asked for management and of course they said they can’t do anything even though the tree was not purchased until March this year and never taken out of the box until yesterday (we have original receipts, paperwork, boxes, warranty, etc,.) They claim they don’t do exchanges with Seasonal items ..... well good to know because I will spread the word like fire DO NOT WASTE MONEY @ At Home OR ON POLYGROUP PRODUCTS from anywhere, They do not stand behind them! After a few years I get it but the first year not to light, WOW, I’m still in disbelief! And don’t get me wrong I understand there are sometimes issues with items however a company should stand behind their products and not expect to just sent more lights and have the customer correct the issue. Did I mention I bought prelit trees to avoid stringing lights and save time! But now they’re saying remove all clips,lights, cords etc., and redo it all, ! So disgusted at this complete waste of money and time on these new Prelit trees.

I’m willing to spend some time attempting to contact Owner, CEO, etc., to let them know about their wonderful products and complete waste of time for phone technical service when products are defective!

Trees bought were:

C22 9ft Prelit Stratford Pine Tree &

C30 12ft Prelit Rochester Fir Tree

Product or Service Mentioned: Polygroup Christmas Tree.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $230.

Preferred solution: Wish I could select multiple items under unhappy! Just want to return them and get trees that will actually light!.

Polygroup Pros: Representative was kind but unhelpful due to their policy.

Polygroup Cons: Can not return or exchange defective items, Product warranty does nothing for defective tree, Sending new lights to rewire entire tree laughable.

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Ann McDonald
Shopping Expert

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately Polygroup website doesn't provide its consumers with any information about return or refund policy.

The only information you can find is how to contact the company. However you can find the necessary info of Polygroup customer service at Contact Tab on PissedConsumer website


Customer buys end of season discounted Christmas trees in March. Expects a new tree in the following December because the box was “just opened 6 months later” and the trees did not work... Greedy.

to Anonymous #1714258

When the tree is sold with a warranty that states it will light the next Christmas guaranteed that’s what it should do! And discounted or not a warranty is a warranty!


i see we aint the only ones that has an issue with polygroup trees we bought this treelast year put it up in nov. one half of a strand dont work anyway was at same store bought from same brand of tree up and ill be damed the bottom strand of lights were not working


Same situation here. I bought Polygroup's product under "Home Accents" Holiday 6.5 ft.

Pre-Lit LED Greenville Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with Warm White Lights from Home depot december 30, 2017. When I pluged in this sunday, the light came up with two diffent colors!! I called them and thay said thay can sent replacement part to me next Fall, 2019. I insisted to talk to supervisor, and Mr.

Tyler K picked up the phone and told me that I only have 1 choice, either I accept it, or I can write any letter to report his company. But he refused to send me the replacement within this Christmas 2018. After that he hung up the line on me.

Yes, the supervisor from Polygroup customer service team hung up the phone on the customer. Now I'm still not sure what to do with my case, but I need to buy a new tree for this year for sure.


Thank you for your lengthy review. I will steer clear of this company. Was it a quickset tree?

to Polly Hinshaw #1597872

The 9ft tree is 3 piece it is supposed to light as poles are put together. Small topper must be plugged in to section below.

12ft is 5 piece requires 3 plugs on each section of labeled / color coded extension cord preran up trees center pole. Trees on display were beautiful but with lighting not functioning has been horrible experience. Received email today saying the “300” lights they ordered for my trees can’t be sent nebause they’re not available. 300 lights clearly won’t cover an entire 12ft tree and 9ft tree.

I think this company is clearly committing fraud.

I’ve requested new teees be sent with return shipping labels to return the defective trees to them! Wish I could attach pictures for everyone to see what they look like after nearly 3 days of trying to get them to work.

to Polly Hinshaw #1598012

Polly, I’ve added some pictures and a video that shows both trees along with all emails to & from Polygroup. The trees ARE listed as quickset trees on their website Polygroup.com but the box do not say quickset.

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