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Bought the pool 5/29, put it up in July after waiting for and paying for a needed zoning permit. I go to try and take it down in October for the season and several of the poles were stuck to the plastic liner. I paid over 400.00 for it and now it is going in the garbage. They refuse to refund only exchange as if I want the same issue next year. They also said in 4 mos it is out of warranty?? REALLY?? The manager I spoke to said its a known... Read more

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Buy a pool in 3 months later the pool liner broke apart from the pool. And now they want me to purchase a new liner 4 200. And refused to even give me a new liner do not buy a pool or anything from this company thank you. Read more

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The absolute worst product I've ever purchased. I should have stuck with my gut and bought an Intex brand pool. It was a pain to put this thing together, once it was finally put together the pump went out after about 3 weeks of use. Had to wait for a new pump to be delivered that they told me they couldn't rush to my house regardless if I paid the extra shipping fee or not. Finally receive the new pump and it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get it back... Read more

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Paid two hundred dallors for pool Paid two hundred to fill it then seen leaks on pump so called they sent me parts two days later pump quit working all together so they sent me the motor to the pump took three weeks now used it for about a week now it went again. Iam not going to keep playing this game these Pumps are JUNK so I got a pool got to swim in three times and is turning green because I have no pump that works.Never Never buy one of... Read more

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Polygroup P2001030a156 Inflatable Pool Review from Williamsburg, Virginia
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Unbelievable! Good thing I got my kids out in time. Very dangerous. I want my money back and an apology. Read more

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My husband and I ordered a pump for our pool after it broke. When going on the website their were 2 options for our pool. In order to make sure we were ordering the right part for our pool, we called customer service to ask what to get. They informed of us the correct option, however when the pump arrived it was th wrong pump. We called back to explain the problem and they said it was our fault for not listening to CSR, Even though we bought... Read more

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I have gone through FOUR of these pool pumps from this company! These pool pumps for Summer Waves pool are nothing but garbage! The staff is excellent and very helpful, but the pumps are yourself a favor and spend the extra few hundred dollars and get an upgrade, least this way you wont have the nightmare like I am having , oh yea, and now the algae! I bought this pool in Mid May and its only the end of on my fourth pump!... Read more

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First problem I bought a pool in June set it up and it was leaking, I called the company they had me cut a hole in the pool submit pictures to prove I did it and they sent me a new liner. Second problem I set up the second liner filled the pool for the second time. Third problem,the pump would not work they had me cut the cord and submit pictures they sent me a new motor which I had to remove from the canister and replace,Fourth problem, I got... Read more

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Date today 7/21/16. I just want you to hear my story about Polygroup's products and services. We purchased our 24' round pool in September 2015. The pool was not set up until June 2016. After approximately 5 weeks of operation the pump started to make a loud humming sound. shortly after (a few hours later) it was dead! I went out to look at the pump and started to remove the cover and discovered that there was a small capacitor that could... Read more

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I purchased a Poly Group 30" x 12' pool. the pump cover leaked constantly. I called customer service for assistance, their reply was that they had no more pumps in that style available. Because they had a run on replacement pumps, obviously because they all either leaked or broke, they would send me an upgraded pump. The issue began when they required me to cut the cord on the pump I had that was still pumping so I could send in a picture of... Read more

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